Tenancy with Helvetia has just become a lot easier. Thanks to IMAGO, tenants deal with repairs and administration in a few clicks.

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Discover how Helvetia and IMAGO co-created a new digital journey for Helvetia’s tenants.

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The challenge

Create a new digital touch point for Helvetia’s tenants, which automates repairs, maintenance and administrative tasks for all stakeholders involved.

Week 1 - 4

Design thinking

Initial research & knowledge acquisition to understand users’ needs and processes.

We held over 80 hours of workshops, user discovery sessions and process mapping to set us off on the right path.

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Week 5 - 8


Early validation of hypotheses defined during the design thinking phase.

We brought our ideas about the product to life and tested them with future users to make sure we were building the right thing.

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Week 9 - 12

Helfy 1.0

Definition and development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - a 2-sided web application with basic features. Initial functionality allowed users to:

  • Report and action issues

  • Communicate through real time messaging

  • Track the status of issue resolution

  • Schedule repairs

  • Give feedback on the experience

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Week 13 - 16


Tracking progress of the MVP via a pilot with 436 apartments across three properties in two different cities.

This validated the project and provided a foundation for an internal funding pitch for Helfy 2.0.


Week 17 - 20


Continuous collection of user feedback to improve processes and features, and help iterate and define the foundation for 2.0.

This was followed by more user discovery and process mapping sessions in order to expand Helfy functionality with 17 additional workflows.


Week 21 - 36

Helfy 2.0

Expanded Helfy with 17 new workflows and scaled up to service more than 1’500 apartments across four different cities while continuously defining, developing and releasing new features in an Agile manner to grow Helfy’s capabilities.

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Pascal Gurtner

Senior Innovation Manager, Helvetia

“Co-creation and co-innovation with IMAGO was the key success factor in designing, developing and implementing a solution that not only addresses the needs of Helvetia Real Estate Management, but also successfully integrates all relevant stakeholders in the process.” 

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