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Meet the founders


Alex Just


Alex manages your project from start to finish, helping you define strategic objectives, set realistic execution timelines and stick to them. He is involved hands on in understanding the core problem your project is solving and making sure everyone involved  contributes towards that value being delivered.


Jakub Riziky


Jakub is an expert in building digital products. He defines the feature backlog, designs the UX and the UI, and writes detailed specifications. He oversees the development, testing and new releases. Analysing feedback and leading the product iterations are also his domain.


Elliot Pitts

Backend dev

Elliot defines the tech stack according to the project deliverables and manages the development pipeline. He is an expert in handling databases, APIs and the business logic driving your product under the hood. He is responsible for leading the technical execution of your project from start to finish.


Aaron Pitts

Frontend dev

Aaron is a web design wizard and a frontend developer with a wealth of experience. He brings your product to life using latest technologies and best practices to ensure smooth performance and flawless user experience regardless of the device. Everything the user can see and interact with is his domain.

Our philosophy

As serial entrepreneurs, we live and breathe the start-up culture. We like to move fast, ship early, learn and adjust on the go.


We also like to keep things lean. In four years of working together, we learned that smaller, close-knit teams can deliver more value faster. That is why our project teams are composed of four people, spanning project management, product, frontend and backend development.

We bring our start-up expertise and mindset to the corporate environment, without compromising on our core principles of speed and efficiency. Yes, it can sometimes be a tough sell... that's why we are there with you, to help you manage all the stakeholders involved, cut through red tape and get everyone on board to "build measure learn" together.


Do you have a project in mind?