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What we do

Getting ideas off the ground is not always easy. That is why we support corporates in digital transformation and innovation projects, by executing the way a start-up would.


We put a full stack, four-person team of entrepreneurs and skilled software engineers at your disposal, to help you validate early by building a Minimum Viable Product and testing it on the market.


Our services include consulting and software development, which are founded on the principles of design thinking and “build-measure-learn.”


How we work

To us, your project is like our own start-up. We explore the opportunity with you, understand the user and the problem we are solving. We build specifications and deliver a product to market at lightning speed.


In the spirit of Agile development, we learn from users to help you define and execute product iterations. We lead the project to drive user engagement, deliver on key metrics and ensure long-term success.


Our experience in managing stakeholder relationships allows us to execute at start-up speed, even within corporate environment.

IMAGO is more than just a web dev agency.
We are a
start-up for hire.

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  • Design thinking

  • User discovery

  • Prototyping

  • Development

  • Feedback analysis

  • Engagement & growth


Dev agency

  • Requirements review

  • Development

  • Technical support

Who we are

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs with passion for building digital products. With experience in consulting, UX/UI design and software development, we deliver excellence at speed.

We are serial entrepreneurs

bringing the

start-up mindset

to corporate innovation.

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